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Amarento White Bedspread & Pillows


An exquisite 100% cotton hand-led machine stitched quilted bedspread in an intricate circular allover design, finished with delicate hand-embroidered French knots. Available with matching pillowshams and euroshams.

The making of a quilted bedspread is a fascinating process, involving many days of work by multiple highly skilled craftspeople. Each quilt takes about 30 days on average to complete, from initial design being drawn onto tracing paper, through to final washing and quality inspection.
Initially a “khaka” (Hindi word for design drawn on tracing paper) is made, whereby the quilting design is drawn onto a 300cm by 300cm sheet of tracing paper, firstly using a special ink to draw the lines, then tracing over with a hand led machine which pierces small holes along the drawn lines. This allows the drawn design to be transferred onto the fabric when pressure is applied to the paper by tracers. The khaka takes one person 5-7 days to complete. Meanwhile the top and back panels of fabric are prepared, which creates what we call the quilt toppers and backing fabric, ready to have the quilting design applied. The khaka is placed on the topper fabric and a manual impression is made by three people working together. The toppers are then sent out to women living in villages who work in their home on an “adde” (Hindi word for wooden frame). The fabric is stretched over the 4ft by 6ft adde, allowing the hand embroidered french knots to be applied in blocks by 2-3 women working around the frame. This hand knotting process alone takes fifteen days!
Once the knotting process is completed the toppers are sent back to the work room in New Delhi for washing. After this the cotton wadding is sandwiched between the topper and backing fabrics and machine quilted manually to bind all three layers. This is carried out by one person, using a hand led quilting machilinesne. The quilt is held in place by a circular frame, to avoid any bunching and pleating. Once quilting is complete 5-6 people dry clean the piece to remove the traced ink lines and any other marks. At this stage the quilt can be cut to size and the edge binding is applied, after which 4 people are involved in thread cutting on tables under lights. This is an important finishing process to ensure the final quilt looks tidy and well presented. Finally a wet wash is carried out to remove cleaning product residues before folding, packaging and shipping.
Imagine the conversations had and stories told over your quilt during its creation.  It has already started to accumulate a rich history before reaching its final place in your home, for you to treasure over the many years to come.

King single bedspread: 220cm x 260cm

Queen bedspread: 265cm x 260cm

King bedspread: 285cm x 270cm

Super king bedspread: 315cm x 270cm

Californian king bedspread: 350cm x 270cm

Pillowcase: 74cm x 48cm

Eurocase: 65cm x 65cm

Shipping time approx. 3-5 days if in stock. Please email us to check current availability.

Bianca Lorenne designs exquisite bed linen and bedding accessories that epitomise luxury and style.  These bed linens are exclusive, limited editions, giving a unique style that looks great in both classic and contemporary homes. Using only the finest quality materials, the bedding designs are enduring, timeless heirlooms for generations to come. The creator of Bianca Lorenne followed her passion for family, bed linen and “all things natural and beautiful”; the company name is even a combination of the first names of her two daughters, Bianca and Lorenne, showcasing how special this family business is.  We at Eco Chic believe that supporting small business, over factory-line mass production, is a crucial step towards a sustainable future. 


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