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Clutter vs Styling?


What's the difference between clutter and styling? I'm forever going to friend's houses and rearranging their bookshelves while they cook dinner and the response is inevitably “I had no idea my stuff could look that good!” It is not magic…here are my top 4 tips for turning your stuff into stylish arrangements

  • Group like objects – ideally they will be related in type i.e. vases, style i.e. tribal or colour and that will make many small things work as one larger thing.

  • Gather small things together on a tray or book – several small things all in a row are horrible, but objects clustered together create tension and unify into one larger thing. Space too far apart and you just get clutter.

  • Balance – if you have lots of small things on one side of a shelf or table, balance that against one large simple on the other side, as if on scales. This works for art on a wall as well.

  • Stack it! – The designers favourite tactic, why spread everything around messily when you can create artful little stacks? Neat and chic. 

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