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I know you love it, but you will hate it in three years!

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So after having spent the last couple days shopping for a client renovation I came away feeling very depressed about the prospect of finding anything truly unique and timeless. I see something in a showroom and think "Oooooh I love that" before I quickly realise that it is EVERYWHERE. I'm so tempted, it's so pretty, but three years from now my client and I will be thinking, "that's so 2016!" So here are my top 5 beautiful trends that I fear are being done to death!

  • Moroccan mix-up tiles. The real encaustic cement tiles in a single pattern are still pretty cool, but this patchwork look, while loads of fun, steer clear.

  • Blush pink...this colour is like a siren song to me, calling out with its beauty and seeming liveability! But seriously this is a colour we will truly think "what were we thinking" in a few years...it's is pink for grown ups after all.


  • Scandinavian...do I really even need to say anything further here...even Kmart has cute furniture in this style now.


  • White marble kitchens....Gorgeous I know, expensive to boot! But they stain and they are ubiquitous...remember that sparkly black granite everyone loved? Yep same thing.


  • Exposed edison bulb lights. So here is the problem....when they are dim, they are beautiful but they don't put out enough light, when brighter they are glarey and hurt your eyes, hence the invention of shades people! I know 9 out of 10 restaurants have them so you don't need them at home too.



I'll keep searching for something original and inspired! Hope you do too! 


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