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Inside Out


When your stuck indoors on a cold Wintery day, wouldn't you just love to bring nature inside?! I could spend all day here and do nothing but kick back in the chaise and look up at my indoor trees. Really this look is SO simple but just incredibly effective...what makes it tick?

  • The tree cuttings of course - one big bold gesture can make a whole room...everything else can be understated. How easy is this to achieve! We all have some trees that need pruning, bring them inside rather than down to the bin. Unlike flowers, they will last several weeks. Then you can change them out with new cuttings and get whole new look every month!
  • Generous use of white – and not a dirty or creamy white either...a nice crisp white that is the same on walls, brick, trim and ceiling. Keeps it modern.
  • Furniture that looks like it did NOT come out of a factory. The reclaimed timber coffee table is a clever play on the “tree” theme and compliments the vintage modern chairs beautifully. Not so sure about that sofa though...think it should be a bit “softer”.
  • The honey tones in the wood and rug add much needed warmth. Many woods today shy away from yellow tones, but they are very homey.
  • There is almost NO pattern – as a dedicated pattern lover, I admire that this space focuses on all different textures – the brick, art, rug, wood, lantern and trees to keep it interesting.
  • If it is at all humanly possible to add a fireplace and window seat to your house – DO IT! There is nothing that says HOME quite like them

To get the look with Eco Chic, check out our tree slab Camden coffee table and sit it a top one of our very popular hemp Nest Rugs. Add a a little drum shaped side table like our Indian Stool. We love the clever art and our Annicka baskets in several different sizes hung in a cluster would look amazing. If you don't want your actual dog on your sofa, we will make you a Custom Cushion with their cute little face on it! Finally, just this week we are getting giant glass vases similar to these...Check into to our homewares section in a couple days.
Photography by Lincoln Barbour

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