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Stylish Study


We don’t often feature office spaces, but with so many of us working from home (or just spending a lot of “leisure” time on our computer), we think they should be nice! For those of us who don’t have the luxury of a big room, isn’t this such a great use of a little nook. It’s really cozy, inviting and most importantly stylish!

  • Don’t be afraid to put a lot of design into a small space, leaving it white and boring will NOT make it look bigger.
  • A floating built in desk is a great way to maximize space and keep it uncluttered looking, but it can look a bit utilitarian. This picture is a great example of how to “dress” it up with some traditional touches.
  • Ditch the overhead halogen downlights which just cast harsh shadow, and go for a nice ambient table lamp instead…so much more inviting.
  • The mirror is not only to die for, it opens the space up a bit and adds a dash of colour and character. Find something at a flea market and paint it your favourite bright colour!
  • Look for a desk chair that is ergonomic AND beautiful. This mid-century modern one is an Eames design classic and there are lots of similar options from the same era.
  • How great is the striped wallpaper…it totally distracts from the smallness of the space and is a counterbalance for the horizontal desk. Stripes never go out of style.
  • Add a small little area rug that defines the space, and adds visual warmth as well as literal warmth for you footsies when working barefoot (I always do).

To get the look with Eco Chic, We can’t claim to have a mirror this great, but we do have quite a few stunning options in our Mirror section. For a nice cozy area rug have a peek at our Pebble Rug range…the texture would be just gorgeous with the striped wallpaper.

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